Gymnastics Booking – Junior Dynamo’s – 5-6 Yr olds

FULL TERM – /or Casual Classes**

This 60 minutes class is a more advanced program where children will be introduced to more challenging skills on each apparatus. The classes are small so that each child….

The classes are small so that each child gets individual attention.

Skills the children will develop:

  • Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands
  • Walking forward and backward on the beam, half turns
  • Trampoline skills such as star jump and tuck jump
  • Chin ups on the bar, swinging on rings, proper hand grip positions
  • Warm up and cool down exercises
  • Introduction to basic routines on individual apparatus
**CASUAL CLASSES BOOKINGS are only available after the start of term.
If you’d like to book a casual class, please pop back after the term start date.
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