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2020 – Term 3 – Young Dynamo’s (2-3yr) -6- Saturday

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Week 10 Casualshow details + $30.00 (AUD)  

  • Saturday 10
    8:45 am - 9:30 am

This is a 45 minute parent/carer participation class. It is a fun and interactive class that aims to familiarise the children and parents with each gymnastic apparatus.

The coach will teach parents the safest way to spot your child while they are learning new skills. Each week there will be new stations and fun obstacle courses to be explored.

Skills the children will develop:

  • Spacial awareness; rolling on cylinders, barrels and wedges, climbing and sliding
  • Balancing on various height beams and planks
  • Climbing over, under and through
  • Strengthening activities; hanging from bars and rings
  • Gross motor skills such as jumping, skipping and hopping
  • Group participation and turn taking

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